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When it comes to a corporate event, Bareface guarantees to provide your delegates and guests with an enjoyable experience through hundreds of acts from across the world. We can help any event whether it be a conference, work anniversary, product launch or awards gala.

Bareface can set the ambiance with meet and greet entertainment right though to full scale stage productions in supplying never been seen before shows, experiential experiences and show-stopping entertainment to create that lasting memorable experience. From musicians to roaming entertainment, dancers and interactive multimedia we sure know how to create a mesmerizing entertainment concept for your next corporate function.


A special day deserves memorable moments and Bareface Entertainment know how to add that extra touch of class to compliment your big day.

If you are looking for something classical, we have an array of musicians to create the ambiance of the event for your guests through to evening entertainment lively enough to get your guests up on their feet dancing the night away in celebration of your big day.

From DJ’s to live bands, themed acts, photo booths, champagne chandelier pourers and magicians, Bareface will hand-deliver a heartwarming experience for all to enjoy.

Product launches

If you’re looking to launch a new product, Bareface Entertainment can assist you during the launch as the extension to your brand by identifying your customers’ needs by gaining customer feedback through interaction and demonstration of the product along with its marketing and advertising.

Therefore, giving you valuable information from your target market whether it be from a soft / hard launch in to your industry though our team. All briefing and training for the team is done either onsite for them to gain full advantage & knowledge of the brand or managed in-house by the Bareface team to endeavour a successful event ahead with the right brand ambassadors that match your product.

Gala dinners

Bareface talent are undoubtedly always seen presenting awards at gala dinners and working alongside premium brands like Chanel, Dior, Versace & Bulgari.

We are known for pristine looks, positive attitudes and our professional friendly talent, hence why brands alike trust in our services to execute the customer journey at all levels.

Our VIP Hostesses understand the different nature of service required at premium events, focusing on their etiquette, presentation, attentiveness and high guest demands. They are problem solvers, able to think on their feet, be discreet and have been trained to a high level of service. 

To add a more memorable experience to your gala dinners walkabout acts can be there to engage and entertain, roam amongst guests and mingle to capture a crowd in open spaces. Our wonderful entertainers are all multi-disciplined meaning they are very talented individuals with the ability of various skills and capabilities from dancing to singing and circus entertainment.

Bareface entertainers will always have people laughing, interacting, and talking during their performances thus making it a fabulous ice breaker for guests to enjoy.

To top it all off, Bareface know how to capture a crowd through the gala dinner performances in providing next level entertainment from creative video-mapping content performances to celebrity singers and dance performances, we are sure to bring the ‘never been seen before’ to your next event.

Sports events

Bareface have a team of elite worldwide sporting champions ready to mesmerize the crowds with their talent from pogo stick jumpers, bass jumpers, Parkour champions, freestyle MX shows, football freestylers to celebrity meet and greet and more to really embrace worldwide fans to the dropzone of entertainment.

Bareface has a specialist team of elite motorsport models equipped with the necessary beauty, poise and glamour associated with the sport. All barefaced grid models are fully trained in-house on how to operate throughout a race weekend from scheduling, grid placing, garage etiquette, podium celebrations and track safety. Whether it’s glamour, sophistication, or both, Bareface guarantees to bring significant and positive exposure to your team, sponsors and venue and ensures a return on your investment through exposure with our elite team of motorsport models.

Bareface undoubtedly represent truly outstanding acts available in the Middle East for specialist entertainment acts & around the globe.

We can offer you everything from incredible stunt acts to glamorous electric string quartets, thrilling re shows to beautiful acrobatic displays, aerialists, circus acts and everything in between. From the traditional to the super contemporary and all the weird and wonderful in between!

Bareface strive to look for new and bespoke acts across the globe to bring in to the Middle East to offer new and fresh entertainment options that know will deliver an outstanding memorable guest experience.

Live events

Taking the punt for a live event? Have no fear, Bareface are here!

From over 18 years in the talent and entertainment industry, Bareface are well experienced in supporting live events for the world to see covering all fine details to produce a seamless performance. Whether it be as small as a live band or as large as a televised show opening performance, we trust in our services to go above and beyond to create a wonderful experience.

An opening ceremony is an event that is meant to spark the excitement, wonder, and pride of a community or celebration, usually set to launch a large event to dazzle huge crowds in preparation of something exciting.

Bareface understands the needs of how important it is when creating an opening ceremony stage show to set the tone and ambiance.  For the festival, sporting event, or other celebration, we recognize the distinguishable achievements and assets of all attendees with relation to the event.

With our in- house creative team & creative director, we plan the theme, the show flow, the costumes, choreography to ensure a live show- stopping show worthy of worldwide viewing!

Mall events

Bareface are well known for supplying the best talent & their impressive performance skills. We write and produce our own content and material for all stage shows that can be created for any theme or event bringing glorious joy to all whom see. Entailing circus acts, dance performances, roaming parades, aerial performances to treasure hunts with characters, this entertainment is great for family events and malls.

All costumes are made bespoke by our in-house exclusive designer and we go above and beyond to ensure you watch a stage show you wont forget with customized songs and performances to leave a memorable impression and build footfall throughout the malls.

Bareface also assist with the full set up for fashion shows from presenters, models, choreography, AV and stage set up and also pop up mall activations themed to any special occasion for all to enjoy.

Logo reveals

Bareface have an extensive list of unique artists & a creative team to assist you on your next logo reveal to any theme. Our creative team will work towards a perfect match production linking your brand to the customers for an emotional connection, tailored to the companies journey & brand values.

We choreograph all entertainment to bring a perfect flow to your logo reveal through our meet and greet brand ambassadors, emcee to get the reveal started, dancers, laser shows, live music and more. Bareface are also well experienced in creating interactive video mapping shows productions to create digital connections through entertainment in creating personalized shows though our exquisite acts and team producing memorable experiences worthy of social media impact!

PR Stunts

A great PR stunt is to stop people in their tracks to deliver a mass impact on social media creating mass coverage through the power of word of mouth marketing. Bareface understand the strength of impact required through creative audience captivation by supplying outstanding performances from look-a-likes, dance performances, reality tv stars, flash mobs, stunt crews and more. With our creative team, bareface work closely on your pitch to develop an entertainment concept that bring your brief to life through our amazing acts and performers.

Award ceremonies

Bareface talent are undoubtedly always seen presenting awards at gala dinners and working alongside premium brands like Chanel, Dior, Versace & Bvlgari.

We are known for pristine looks, positive attitudes and our professional friendly talent, hence why brands alike trust in our services to execute the customer journey at all levels.

Our VIP Hostesses understand the different nature of service required at premium events, mainly focused on their event etiquette, presentation, their visibility being attentive and high guest demands.

They are problem solvers able to think on their feet, be discreet and have been trained to a high level of service.
We have launched many new ranges this season and completed over 80 award ceremonies for award presentation this season alone.

In-store activations

Bareface are perfectly positioned to provide you with the very best product demonstrators whether it be in-store products or as large as new line vehicle launches.

Bareface can provide savvy and experienced demonstrators who will reach your target audience, build brand awareness and generate sales through their sales experience and knowledge understanding. Their
training focus is strong, well presented and are clear and concise with all key product points to demonstrate a product to their best ability and guide you around a product with ease whether it be a new mobile phone, gadget or even a house & car!

Booking our demonstration hostesses are an option not to be missed if you are looking for an effective customer focused journey to offer the ultimate brand experience.